About RGB Media

RGB Media was formed by a seasoned film and entertainment producer. Since its inception, RGB Media has helped clients and productions solve complex production and message challenges. Our creative production approach offers clients something extra that makes each project special. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Still not sure if RGB Media is the right choice for you? We are convinced that our qualifications speak for themselves. Here is an overview of our top creative talent:


Aaron Lieber

CEO | Producer | D.I.T.

Aaron has been a versatile media professional for over 14 years, starting as a camera operator and production assistant at the ripe age of 16, and currently manages several projects as a Producer, Director, and DIT. His experience includes work for Erudite Digital, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Voltage Pictures and many others.

Aaron has acquired great respect in the industry due to his exceptional business ethics, efficient standards of operation, and first-rate production quality. He was formerly a principal with Erudite Digital, a well known pre through post production company and camera rental house in the southwest. His position has allowed him to observe the creative nucleus of Directors, DP’s, and Producers, garnering the technical and artistic knowledge required to discern the necessary elements of a successful and compelling film and television projects.